Can I use an outside trainer and is there a ring fee?

Boarders are allowed to use trainers of their choice with no ring fee. We wish to allow our boarders to have the flexibility needed to train in the manner they wish. If needed, we can recommend trainers based on your desipline. 

What kind of bedding is used?

Pelleted bedding is perferred, However, we provide pine shavings upon request. Straw is not utilized at our facility.

How much turnout is offered?

Our philosophy is the more turnout the better- weather and paddock conditions permitting.  However, we can customize turnout to suit the horses needs. 

During the hotter months we switch horses over to night turnout, and cooler months they are on day turnout. 

May I use my own Vet and/or Farrier?

Yes! You may use Vet and/or Farrier of your choice. If needed, we can recommend.

Is there parking for my trailer?

We offer free trailer parking for our boarders.